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      Our Company presents four series of unique cosmetic products. The main distinguishing feature of the goods is the unrepeatable package design that attracts attention & draws the final buyer. To reach this effect the technology of covering the original plastic bottles with special velvet material flock produced at Germany is used. This manufacturers know-how ensures the absolute competition lack for these products at the today world market. Due to their high quality appearance our goods not only realize their main cosmetic functions but can in future decorate themselves any interior.
      The original exterior design is also accomplished with the highest quality of cosmetics itself. All cosmetic goods and creams are based on the raw materials & technologies of the leading European manufacturers such as COGNIS Deutschland GmbH & Co KG, International Flavors & Fragrances I.F.F. The Netherlands & others. All products are strictly tested at the laboratories & are provided with all necessary corresponding Quality certificates. All our cosmetic products except creams are valid for two years.

  Nimfide Platinum Bath foams & shampoos of the Nimfide Platinum series are the real piquancy of our gift collection. Wonderful composition & an exclusive design of the bottle in the form of a slender woman figure tightened in the evening velvet dress make you an original granter. more

  Nimfide This series consists of three product types: hand cream, shampoo & bath foam. Any product of this series can become bright & unusual present, which original design will charm & attract every woman. more

  L`amour The line L`amour is a new word in the design of cosmetic products. The secret of its unique elegancy lays in a classical combination of red & gold colors and in the airiness, lightness & romanticism of the tender pink shade. more

  Boyarushka Boyarushka series consists of three types of shampoo & bath foam. Jolly matreshkas in little velvet caps with bath foam or shampoo will be an unusual & lovely present. more
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